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Getting to know Robin

For this post we sat down with Robin and spent a little time chatting about everything ELO. Robin has been playing ELO and the music of Jeff Lynne for getting on for ten years now and even after all that time it's clear that he loves the music as much as ever.

We started by asking him does he have a favourite song from the set; he said "So many… I love them all but I must say Mr Blue Sky - I just love to see the audience young and old singing along enthusiastically!"

One of the difficulties of being in a tribute band is choosing which songs make it into the set and you can't always make time in the set for your favourite songs. Chatting about this, and if there are any songs he wishes were in the set, Robin said "I'd love to do Midnight Blue from Discovery. Lovely song." Does that mean Discovery is a favourite album of Robin's? "I love them all but in particular Out of the Blue and Time".

Anyone who has sung on stage before will be able to tell you it is demanding physically and yet Robin's performances always look effortless. We asked if there was a song that was particularly hard for him to sing or play. He said "I think sometimes after singing for 2 hours people don’t realise it’s hard work and I still have some of the biggest songs left to do. So I have to muster up energy reserves to get through it."

Thank you Robin for sitting down with us - we will be getting to know somebody else soon.

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