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A bunch of Hardcases

ELO tribute band Explosive Light Orchestra with Hardcore

We want to take some time to say a huge thank you to our great friends at Hardcase International Limited, for all of the help and support they give us.

Hardcase cases are considered the best in the business and they are immensely proud to fly the flag for UK manufacturing as these cases are manufactured in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Our drummer Steady uses their cases exclusively to protect his (literally) thousands of pounds worth of kit as we drive up and down the country, and we never have to worry about how well protected these drums are in their Hardcases.

Hardcase have also made a custom modified case for us to carry our stage lights. They are light, they are strong and durable, they have wheels and handles in all the right places… we can’t say enough good things about these cases.

Next time you see a Hardcase banner at one of our shows, that’s why – we love the people (Dave & Annie Eyre) and their amazing products. Please check them out on their website: or their Facebook Page: Hardcase International Limited

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