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Did you say Bruce? Or Groos?

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Steady of ELO tribute band Explosive Light Orchestra

One thing we get asked all the time is what we sing on “Don’t Bring Me Down”. Some people hear Bruce, some people hear Groose, Groos…? It’s hard to say.

Apparently, according to Reinhardt Mack, when Jeff was recording the song (in Munich, which will be relevant later) he used the word Bruce as a place holder until they thought of a better word, because the band were excited about their upcoming Australian tour.

Ultimately they decided that they couldn’t use Bruce and so they opted for Groose, which was a made up word based on the German word Gruß (Gruß Got is a common greeting in Bavaria – told you it would be relevant) and it is Groos that you hear on the record, although some people think it is Bruce. To further complicate things, when Jeff heard that some people think it is Bruce, he started to sing Bruce at some shows because he thought it was funny.

So… at shows… we do both. Some of us are singing Groos, some of us are singing Bruce, and we change all the time. Great song though, isn’t it?

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