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Pre-show rituals

So, after we park the space-ship and teleport the equipment into the venue... then what happens? I wanted to post today to give you an idea what we get up to before we go on stage.

We normally arrive at a venue at around 3:30pm, 4:00pm something like that. Loading and sound check (I will be writing separate posts about loading in and sound checks, for those that want to know) takes us up to around 6:00pm - but what happens after that?

I call it the lull - it is the worst part of playing in a band - the time where you're just waiting to go on stage. We often don't go on stage until 8:30, 9:00 (this is entirely up to the venue) and so he often have a good couple of hours to kill before showtime.

All five of us handle it differently and have our own habits, rituals and routines. I don't want to name and shame but I can say I do A LOT of pacing around. I just can't wait to get going and I can't sit still. Most of the guys are quite comfortable just chilling out, chatting. It can be really nice just hanging out together, because we don't get a lot of chance to very often. It can be nice to take some quiet time to just chill beforehand as well. Somerstock was a really challenging one because it was REALLY hot - we were all struggling to stay cool. and it was still in the high 20's when we went on at about 10:00pm. You can see below though, Kev, Steady and David hard a lovely afternoon in the sunshine.

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