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A new website

Gareth here - I'm writing this during our tediously long summer break. After a busy July we now have 6 weeks between shows (our next one will be 3rd September, look out Oswestry). I think we all miss being out there doing what we love the most, but it is useful to take some downtime and to take care of business that otherwise gets left by the wayside. This new website is one such thing.

I do that you will like it. My hope for the website is that we can continue to keep it up to date with videos and photos from gigs. I also hope that this blog section will be a chance to let you peek behind the scenes a little, and to keep you up to date with anything new going on in ExpLO-land. I'm thinking that this blog might include bits and bobs from all of the guys, the gear they use, the songs they like and why they like them... I'm open to ideas too, don't be shy.

Other jobs that I will be getting stuck into over the summer include tweaking some guitar tones and learning some new (old) material. There are three new songs being added into the set that I haven't played before - watch this space.

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